Welcome to SelfieStickCentral™, your home to the best selling selfie sticks on the planet! If you’re not familiar with selfie sticks at this point don’t worry. It’s pretty simple- it’s basically a stick (some are telescopic and can extend) with a fixture on the end to hold your cell phone (iPhone, Galaxy, Android, Windows) or certain cameras (GoPro, digital camera). The purpose is to be able to take a picture of yourself or a group of people without having a tripod or without having to ask someone else to take the picture for you. Some selfie sticks have a shutter button on the handle, which means that you can take a selfie simply by pressing the button. Selfie sticks without a shutter button require you to either video record or set a self-timer on your smartphone or camera.

The Benefits

First of all, if you haven’t noticed already, “selfies” are taking over the world by no surprise. According to CNN, the word “selfie” was named “Word of the Year” in 2013. That’s a pretty big deal! The problem with a normal selfie, however, is the limitation of distance from your face because with only your arm and a camera you can reach a certain length (for most people it’s about 2 feet according to Ask.com). With a selfie stick you can extend that 2 feet into about 3 or 4 feet, depending on the selfie stick you buy.

Notice the difference here between the amount you can get in a photo with a traditional selfie vs. using a selfie stick:

Traditional Selfie
With Selfie Stick

Every Friend in the Photo, Every Time!

In addition to the extended reach you have with a selfie stick also comes the amazing benefit that you’ll enjoy when you’re with a group of friends who love taking photos together because everyone in the group will always be in the photo! This means that none of your friends will ever be missing from your photos again since everyone can be in every photo every time!

Whether you’re looking to take better selfies of yourself or your friends or you’re looking to share this awesome new product experience with a friend or loved one, a selfie stick is the perfect extension to your selfie life!

Featured Selfie Sticks

Not Just a Trend!
Far from being a trend that fizzles out nearly as quickly as it catches on, selfies — you know, those pictures that you take of yourself, either by yourself or with those people who are enjoying your favorite activities along with you — are here to stay. In today’s instant access digital world, there is no better way to document your life and capture the moment than snapping a spontaneous picture of the event. Added to that is the ease of which you can share those happenings with the world since you can post them to all your favorite social media accounts instantly.

Test Your Camera
While selfies are the new and lasting trend that allow you to instantly record all your favorite events, you might run into a few snags when you are trying to capture the best ones. Most cell phones of today provide a pretty easy way to grab that fateful picture but you should definitely test your phone’s camera at home just to be sure. You do not want to be out and about, have a spectacular picture taking moment present itself and discover that your phone takes subpar pictures. Not only will you be highly annoyed, the disappointment of not being able to relive such a picture worthy event is one that could take you a long time to get over.

Your Phone is NOT Enough
When you are out and about you might think that the only equipment you need in order to capture all your favorite parts of your adventures is your phone as long as it has a decent camera. Being prepared with your phone is only one part of the process of being ready to take your best pictures. Sure you can hold your phone up awkwardly as you try to smile naturally and make sure that you are getting your best side or ensuring that all of your friend’s body parts are fully within the frame of the picture but it is not likely to be the type of picture that makes you smile afterward with its quality and sharpness.

You Will Have to Try, Try, Try Again
Instead you are likely to experience frustration, especially if you have to continue the process several times. You might start to look around for an unsuspecting stranger to grab and press into service. That raises even more issues. First there is the problem with trying to explain how to use your phone’s camera. Then you have to hope that the complete stranger that seems so nice and accommodating is not actually the type of person who will take off with your phone. Another issue is the person’s actual picture taking abilities. How many times have you gotten home after glancing quickly at the pictures on your phone right after they were taken and, thinking they were ok and sending that kind stranger on their way and realized the pictures were worse than you realized? Maybe you discovered that they were blurrier than you expected or that they did not capture everyone smiling like you had hoped or that the people in your picture are not every looking at the camera?

Selfie Stick to the Rescue!
On the surface, Selfie Stick might look rather simplistic but it carries loads of real value. In fact, this creative invention was one of Time Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions in 2014. It combines the best of both worlds — it is simple yet harnesses the power of the latest technology to create something so innovative that it makes life so much better.
Selfie Stick adds so much more distance between you and your camera. While the average person can hold their arm away from themselves at a distance of about two feet, the Selfie Stick adds another whole foot to the distance. Just imagine the additional perspective and options that are added with the simple addition of a Selfie Stick.

Lots of Choices, Lots of Options
Using a Selfie Stick is a lot of fun. From the minute you take it out to get it ready for action, you know that there is going to be lots of fun. Using the Selfie Stick means there is no more jostling for space and smushing together so that everyone is in the picture. Instead, selfies will now be smooth and relaxed. Best of all, you can include a great deal more of the background in your picture. As the old saying goes, you can always crop things out of a picture but you cannot add things in after the fact.

Selfie Stick comes in a variety of different configurations. You can find ones that telescope to give you an additional 2 feet beyond your arms and you can find them in vibrantly colored sticks. A carrying strap makes it a snap to transport it with you. Some come with a mirror so you can see exactly what the camera is seeing when you use the rear camera on your phone.

Take Your Selfies to a Whole New Level
Selfie Stick lets you really show off your personality when you take your next selfie. Instead of being restricted to simply having a picture of only your face, when you use Selfie Stick you can include lots of background within your picture as well. Show off that great new dress or ask your friends for advice about your new hair cut by posting a Selfie Stick selfie to your social media accounts. This lets them make a more informed opinion since they can see even more of you.

Share you latest adventures with Selfie Stick. Pose beside your newest high score on your favorite game system or show off your latest electronics acquisition in all its fine glory. Show your pals all the great times that are to be had at your favorite club as well as all the hot action they are missing by not joining you there. The Selfie Stick instantly lets you share your surroundings as well as more of yourself without straining your arm to reach beyond its capabilities. Once you start using Selfie Stick, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Simple Yet Powerful
Who knew that such a simple concept like taking a picture of yourself would end up being so powerful? Using Selfie Stick increases your power greatly and puts you in total control of your pictures. You will never again be caught without a way to capture that great moment in your life that you want to remember always. Selfie Stick lets you customize your picture to meet your needs so that you are never disappointed by the shot you to — or did not get as the case may be.

You can also really explore your creativity when you use Selfie Stick. Want to show off your creative skills in a big way? That is why Selfie Stick was invented — to put you in total control of your selfie experience from the very first moment you pick up your phone to make a selfie.

Are you an artist who wants to show off your artwork but were always limited by the small amount of your material you can include in your shot? Selfie Stick tackles that issue like a champ and even enables you to pose beside your best work. Want to show off your new car, truck or motorcycle? Now you can easily do so without needing to wait for anyone else to be around to take a picture of you with it. Mark those important occasions from your first date to your wedding day with all the impromptu selfies you have always taken and loved but were always wishing for more. More background, more control over what is in it, more adventure.

Selfie Stick is a versatile tool that works well with the hottest electronic devices of today. It works with nearly all the current smartphones that are out on the market today. This includes Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Moto, Google Nexus, Sony, Nokia and more. To add to its versatility, Selfie Stick also works with iPods and GoPro. Digital cameras can also be used to take some really great selfies using the Selfie Stick.
Using the Selfie Stick takes very little time and adds a whole different dimension to your pictures. Simply attach your smartphone or other device to the clamp at the top of the Selfie Stick and set the timer. Conversely, you can also buy the Bluetooth shutter which enables you to click your camera to take the picture with one hand while you hold the Selfie Stick with your other. This method means you do not need to worry about setting your camera’s timer or upgrading to IOS8 if you do not want to do so.

Durable and Well Made
While it is not recommended that you drop the Selfie Stick on a regular basis, you will be pleased to note that it is a well made piece of equipment. It is designed to withstand the everyday bumps and bangs that sometimes happen over the course of a day. However, it is a technical piece of equipment and should be cared for with every bit of respect as your phone or any other piece of fine camera equipment.

A New Way to Stay Connected While You Perfect Your Selfie
Because your selfie is a picture of you while you are doing what you love to do or are having fun doing or any one of a myriad of different things, it is already awesome. With the Selfie Stick, though, you can make it perfect. You can add personality, depth, perspective and background to your selfies and make them as detailed or as broad as you desire them to be. A truly intergenerational tool for anyone who owns a smartphone, Selfie Stick is ready to take connecting with others on social media platforms to a whole new level.

Don’t Miss Out
Be sure to not get left behind on this trend that is sweeping the world. First it caught on in Asia and swept through that country like wildfire. The Selfie Stick craze then traveled across the globe and is hitting everywhere. People are tucking these handy little Selfie Sticks in their luggage when they go out of town for long weekends, they are taking them to their holiday gatherings, Selfie Sticks are making the rounds when people go bar hopping and to parties. The places where Selfie Sticks are being used are limited only by your creativity.

Share Your Adventures With Us
Where will you take your Selfie Stick next? We want to know! Send us a picture of you using Selfie Stick or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Selfie Stick Central wants to see where your creativity takes you and your Selfie Stick.

Do not let the thought of finding the perfect background stop you. It is easy to tack up a sheet in a neutral color or even in a festive pattern to a wall that is large enough to frame all the people and take your picture. You can also have all your family member pose in front of something that commemorates the event such as a birthday cake or holiday decor. When you have the Selfie Stick, you can really get creative with your background ideas and take a great deal more pictures than you might otherwise be able to.

Have you ever been on vacation and wanted to capture those moments when you and your friends are posed by the ocean for the first time or you are at the base of a majestic mountain? Trying to cram everyone into the picture by extending your arm as far as you possibly can never ends up working out well in the end. Not only do you wind up with a tired and achy arm, you are likely to end up chopping someone’s head or arm out of the picture so that it looks completely lopsided.

You can beat this problem by grabbing your Selfie Stick, connecting your phone and saying Cheese! It is that easy to solve this frustrating problem that leaves you with pictures that you are less than thrilled with. Using the Selfie Stick means every one of your vacation pictures will be ones that you are proud of.